A Highly Effective Treatment For Dry Eyes

Dry eyes may occur because of a decreased tear volume or due to a change in the quality of the tear. There are many components in tears like mucin, water, and enzymes, each of which has a particular responsibility. 

If any of these elements is missing or diminished, the result is dry eyes. For instance, if it is found that there is a deficiency of mucin in tears, the tear/cornea interaction will change and the tear will not keep a consistent or even complete coverage. If you experience this problem then you can visit the best doctor for dry eye treatment near you.

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The tear breakup time will be brief, typically shorter than 10-15 seconds and eyes may become uncomfortable. In the same way, when the enzyme component gets altered, there will be an increased risk of bacterial accumulation on the margins of the eyelids.

This, in turn, will decrease the production of tears in the eye. Naturally, a decrease in tear volume can cause dry eyes because there won't have enough tear volume to completely cover the cornea over the time frame required.

Dry eyes can cause symptoms like sandy burning eyes or redness that if not treated will become worse with time. It can cause people to scratch their eyes, often abrading the cornea. Furthermore, a dry eye causes the corneal epithelium to shed its transparency and creates an opaque milky haze. 

Naturally, this could and often causes vision to become more difficult. Dry eye conditions that persist for a long time can permanently alter the corneal tissues and result in scarring.