All about Bumpers and Body Kits of a Car

Today we are quite familiar with the car. We will find cars everywhere on the road every day. Most of us only care about what model the car is, whether the car’s appearance is good looking and whether the car is of high performance.

We usually think all the parts are installed in the interior of the car. However, we seldom pay attention to the exterior body of a car. In fact, the exterior body of a car can not only be considered as a shell, because some extremely important equipment on it has a practical use.

What we are going to talk about are the bumpers and body kits of a car. A car usually has two bumpers-a front bumper and a rear bumper. The front bumper is installed in the front of the car’s exterior body, while the rear bumper on the rear of the car’s exterior body. You can buy the best 200 series rear bar from

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They are also a component of the car’s whole exterior body. They work to protect the car and people in the car against potential damage and injury from collision and bumps by absorbing the crashing effects when the car hits anything.

A front bumper and a rear bumper have one bumper lip fixed on the bottom of the bumper itself. The main purpose of bumper lips is to help the bumpers to absorb the crash effects as well as to add beauty to the appearance of the car.

Body kits consist of front and rear bumper lips and side skirts which are fixed on the side part of the car. If you are careful enough, you may have found that there is one thing but the long raised bar on each side of the car, under the windows. This is the so-called side skirt.

To a car, the bumpers and body kits are designed to safeguard your car and yourself while driving.