All About The Best Injectable Filler

Dermatologic Surgery released an article on an examination of the comparative effectiveness of the most popular dermal fillers in the market. The fillers were Juvederm, Juvederm ULTRA, Perlane and Radiesse. This study helps patients worry regarding which filler will be suitable for their individual use , and could also assist doctors to assist patients in making that decision. 

In the research, two standardized scales were used to create their evaluations of the various products. One of them is the Global Aesthetic Improve Scale (GAIS) and the second one is called the Wrinkle Severity Rating Scale (WSRS). You can also browse online for the more information about radiesse in Torrance via

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The increasing popularity of dermal fillers has brought up concerns from patients as well as doctors. The research was intended to aid patients and doctors make better choices about fillers that will yield the best outcomes at the least cost. 

All of the products used accomplished what they were intended to do. Some needed more products to reach the desired level of fullness. Here is a briefing on the various products and the median quantity used for each patient:

o Juvederm – 8 Syringes

o Juvederm ULTRA – 4 Syringes

o Perlane – 3 Syringes

o Radiesse – 2 Syringes

If you are considering the possibility of cosmetic surgery or cosmetic treatments be sure to consider the overall efficacy rather than the initial cost. You might find yourself reaching your goals while doing less work and a decrease in overall cost.