All About The Comparison Of Electronic Sow Feeders

Your sows would choose the type of housing that will keep them comfortable and calm, if they could choose from a variety of styles. Electronic Sow Feeders have been known for years to maintain sows’ calm and support productivity. 

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High removal rates can lead to increased labor, stall space or hospital pens, as well as reduced productivity and poor well-being.

No contact during feeding

Sow feeders that are correctly designed, protect the sows while they eat. Sows that are waiting outside a feeder shouldn’t be allowed to touch any sows that are eating. They shouldn’t be allowed to touch another animal while they are still feeding.

A sow who can eat uninterrupted is less likely to be distracted by other sows, or intimidated, and will eat more. The best group setting promotes calm social interaction and discourages feed guarding. 

Separate unfed and fed sows

Separate entrances and exits are best for feeders. This will create a one-way flow of traffic and reduce face-to-face interactions at the feeder entrance.

It has been demonstrated for decades that separate fed and unfed sows is the best strategy to maintain peace within group sow pens using ESF. Poor design causes sows to run into each other when they enter or exit the feeder.