Be Resilient – Get Your Bounce Back

Life is a stream of good times, good times, not-so-good, and bad moments. We can only be sure that there will be constant change. We never know how long our current problems will last or whether they will get worse before they start to get better.

Resilient people can keep going when the going gets tough. They have a reserve of inner strength that will help them adapt to change. You can also get information about resilience training in Adelaide to become more resilient.

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They understand that world events are neutral: then they decide how to interpret them and how to react to them. You stay focused on what needs to be done and thrive.

Follow the instructions below to build your resilience and restore your recovery:

  • Positive thinking

  • Choose your battle

  • Sentence termination

Being tough doesn't mean ignoring unhappiness; that doesn't mean you never want help from your friends; it doesn't mean you feel strong every day! This means that you understand the powerful impact negative thoughts have on your well-being.

Choose your battle

It's hard to keep coming back when your first few attempts to fix the problem have failed. It's tempting to give up, ignore problems and not think about future consequences. 

It never works! You sink deeper into debt, you find a dead-end in your career, or you find yourself in a relationship that is getting worse, not better.

Which of your problems still needs to be resolved? Where are you going back to? Set priorities and decide what action to take. Then take it!