Boxing Tips For The Left Hook

With regard to boxing training tips, it should be noted that boxing is not a hard sport to learn or train. It is a case, for the student, to master some fundamental punches and blocks; For the coach, to be able to teach the necessary technique in these punches. 

A left Jab and a right cross, interspersed with a few left brackets, include the necessary directory. You can also buy top-quality sparring gloves from (which is also called ' gants d’entranement de qualit suprieure de ' in French).

Left hook

The left hook is the most difficult punishment to master and, therefore, a little more difficult to teach. But once accomplished, he pays dividends. As with the Jab and the Cross, there are some "must" to follow to deliver a suitable left hook. Let's look at the steps to follow.

Now, consider this for your boxing training tips: at the beginning of the hook, the feet are in the usual position on the guard. 

That is, the boxer is on the ball of the left foot or before, and on the foot of the back or the right foot. In the end, this is reversed. The boxer is on the tip of the foot before and on the ball of the back foot. The two toes at the finish are turning right and the left knee is folded.

This is necessary because of the body's pivot on the right when the left hook is started. Much of the "kick" behind the left hook is accomplished by this set of legs, the passage of the toe of the back foot on the end of the front foot is of vital importance. 

It's a good practice for the coach to have his boys cross this foot surviving and again, before teaching the current punch.