Buying Guide For Home Accessories

You can buy a variety of both decorative and functional home accessories that are ideal for adding character to any room in your home.

Candles – candles can add a romantic ambiance to a dinner table, bedroom, bathroom or lounge and save on the electricity bills at the same time. As well the luxury it's also a good idea to have some candles in the house in case of a power cut as they will never let you down as long as you have a match. Candle safety is vital so please read the instructions on the pack carefully.You can also buy 'gold home accessories via' (also known as 'gouden woonaccessoires via' in the Dutch language).

Scented Candles – ideal for adding fragrance to a room along with the romantic glow of the flame. Refresher oils are available to prolong the life of the scent.

Vases, Bowls & Ornaments? – ideal for adding color, texture, and atmosphere to a room. Vases can look great as a centre piece on a table or a window sill both with or without flowers. Bowls can be used for displaying fruit or potpourri and simply as decorative items. Ornaments provide a focal point, color, and interest. 

Photo Frames – it's nice to have pictures of your family and friends around you and the frame pays tribute allowing you to display them with pride. We sell over 18 different frame ranges in different styles, colors, and sizes.