Chiropractic Treatment For Spinal Manipulations And More

There are many different "schools of thought" with chiropractic education and therefore chiropractors treat patients from various disciplines. These include variations with the types of spinal manipulation administered. But what many people don't realize is that chiropractors do much more than just simple manipulations.

These additional treatments include spinal decompression therapy, physical therapy, physical rehabilitation, bracing, and manipulation under anesthesia. Many chiropractic medical offices resemble physical therapy centers with all the pain management treatments on offer. To know more about spinal manipulation physical therapy in Edmonton, navigate the internet.

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Certain chiropractic schools teach physical rehabilitation, which includes many of the same concepts as physical therapy, such as core strengthening, lumbar stabilization, etc.

Along with physical rehabilitation, chiropractors include therapeutic modalities to relieve pain, including interferential treatment (transcutaneous electrical stimulation), cryotherapy (ice), ultrasound, and massage therapy. A typical rehabilitation session would include active stretching and strengthening, therapeutic modalities, spinal manipulation, and possibly spinal decompression if indicated.

Patient braces can also provide significant pain relief for the spine, knees, and extremities. Certain chiropractors are trained to identify who they will help and can also fit patients for them.

All of these treatments can be performed within the scope of a chiropractic doctor's training depending on the program you attend. Completing additional certification in spinal decompression treatment along with manipulation under anesthesia expands your possible pain relief options.

Manipulation under anesthesia may be an excellent option for patients with stiff shoulders, pelvis, and spine if primary conservative treatment has failed. As you can see, going to see a chiropractic doctor can involve multiple pain relief options in addition to simply receiving spinal manipulation.