Cooling Tower Maintenance & Repair Services

Cooling towers play a crucial part in many commercial and industrial buildings' air conditioning systems. They need to be maintained and serviced. 

Use Dyna-Tech Sales Corporation professional technicians to make sure that your cooling tower is functioning efficiently for maximum performance.

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Cooling Tower Maintenance Process

Total Air provides comprehensive maintenance of cooling towers which is divided into three parts: cleaning, inspection, and Making Sure the Cooling Tower is Operating Properly.


The process of cleaning consists of two cleaning cycles. They begin by draining the tower basin. This is followed by scraping and cleaning the fill cells as well as the inside frame of the tower basin to remove any mineral buildup. After the basin is completely cleansed, they move on to wash distribution nozzles, hot decks, and heat exchanges when necessary.


After cleaning, the team performs an inspection of the cooling tower which includes a thorough examination of the tower's frame and basin for corrosion, rust, metal fatigue, and leaks. They also inspect every motor, fan and belts, bearings, driveshafts, transmissions, couplings, and sheaves for wear. 

Ensure Proper Operation

After an inspection completes the cooling system, then fill it with water at the correct operating level. The technicians examine and adjust the float pans, and distributor pans, and balance them to ensure equal water levels.

The maintenance results are recorded in the report of an expert inspection and any recommendations for repairs or improper operation are given by the company to its customers.