Ear Reconstruction Surgery For Split Earlobe Repair

Ear reconstruction of split earlobes is a surgical implant, as well-known as botox injections that eliminate wrinkles on the face by using the most advanced laser technology.

If you're eligible for an ear lobuloplasty (that's the name of the medical term that is tongue-twisting for the repair of damaged or split earlobes) then fame and hairiness will be the least of your worries. But the one question that always comes to mind is how is earlobe repair done? 

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The good news is that ear reconstruction for split earlobes is a fairly common easy surgical procedure. From beginning to end the entire process is done in just moments, and not weeks and the sutures that keep the earlobes together will be gone within about a week or two. The most common dressing required is an antibiotic ointment. However, should you be determined to add some flair (or are a little irritated by your earrings just a bit excessively) an ornamental dot made by a child plaster is sure to perform.

Certain surgeons will immediately repeat piercing the lobe immediately following suturing if this is the goal you're after. The recovery time for an ear reconstruction surgery for split earlobe repairs is most likely the most difficult part and is especially so if you're passionate about the earrings you wear. If so, you should think about clip-on earrings. They've evolved a lot from the sloppy earrings that your grandmother wore decades ago.