Hard Money Lender In South Florida

Mortgage industry insiders often refer to hard money lenders as the last resort. Hard money lenders are often the last resort for borrowers. There are many situations in which a hard money lender may be required before traditional banks.

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What Is a Hard Money Lender? It's Not as Scary as You Think

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some scenarios where a hard money lender might be an option-


Let’s say a real estate developer has made a $10 million investment in a development project. The original plan was to sell units in January. Once they had sold them, they would be able to recoup the investment. As with many other ventures, delays can cause push back the start date. The developer could find himself in a cash-strapped situation.

The developer will need to borrow a bridge loan in order to “survive” this cash-poor period. The bank would not approve a traditional loan to the borrower for longer than four to six months. Sometimes, he only has funds for a few weeks. Because they can provide loans quickly, a hard money lender is the best option.


Rehab investors may require a loan in order to renovate non-owner-occupied houses. Most banks won’t lend the loan because they can’t verify that the rehabber is able to sell the units quickly and make a profit. The only lender that would finance such a project, in all likelihood, is the hard money lender.


Hard money lenders may be available for real estate investors looking to “flip” property. Investors looking to purchase a property with great value might need quick and secure financing to renovate and sell it quickly.

Anyone looking to flip real estate is well-equipped with the option of loan from hard cash lenders.