International Schools in Holland

Keep in mind that many international schools in the Netherlands have long waiting lists, especially for primary school children.The thought of interrupting your child's education, especially during the important exam years, can be a real stumbling block for parents planning a new life abroad.

Fortunately, given the large number of international schools that offer quality education in the Netherlands, this is not always a problem, especially if you want your child to study in the Netherland.

In fact, small campuses and reduced class sizes coupled with a multicultural environment usually means that most children will thrive, develop their language skills faster and more efficiently, and benefit from the attention of a teacher who knows the names of all students in the school, let alone the class. You can also choose the best early education school for your kids in the Netherlands.

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The main difference between the international schools on the island is the language of instruction. Of course, if you decide to teach your child a second language, they will have to do little or already have a good knowledge of the language.

It is unrealistic to expect a teenager to integrate into an entirely new education system in a language they barely understand, and international schools recognize that this scenario is not in the best interests of the child or the school. Most centers require students to take major entrance exams – math, English (or another language of instruction), and occasionally science – and do not accept students who show little understanding of the future work of their classmates.

Sometimes education can provide the answer: when parents promise their child additional language training until they reach an acceptable level, schools are often flexible. But you have to ask! Also, keep in mind that many schools have long waiting lists, especially for first grade.

It is therefore best to contact the center as soon as you know that your child needs a place. In addition to tuition fees, there is often a registration fee to be paid when your child enrolls, as well as uniforms, books and supplies.