IRS Tax Attorney – When Do You Need One?

Working with the IRS is always tedious and frustrating, whether it's submitting feedback or reviewing or resolving disputes or other tax issues. You can't avoid working with the IRS because you have to file tax returns and pay taxes in the United States. 

However, you don't need to contact the IRS directly, you can use professional services that can handle all tax and IRS-related matters. There are tax attorneys, accountants, and registered IRS agents such as Orange County Semper Tax Relief who can represent you on IRS matters. You must file your tax returns annually. 

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To do this, you will need to keep records of your financial transactions and prepare bank statements. If you are an individual, this can be done easily. However, if you have higher income transactions, you will need CPA services. 

The CPA will know all about IRS taxes and practices. The role of the CPA ends by making a statement. However, if you are invited for an IRS audit, you will need your CPA's help. If you wish to be represented in court on IRS matters, you will need the services of the IRS tax attorney. They are tax attorneys who specialize in IRS matters. 

You have a law degree that specializes in taxation. Most importantly, they have additional qualifications in accounting, business administration, economics, etc. To be registered as an agent to represent a case before the IRS, they must pass an exam conducted by the IRS.