Melasma Treatment With Chemical Peels

Melasma is a skin condition that causes unsightly stains on skin regions including the forehead, cheeks, chin, and nose. Other complicating factors such as a family history of melasma, exposure to sunlight, and a few pharmaceutical drug treatments can cause melasma. 

Are you disappointed with the brown pigmentation mark on your face due to melasma?  I know how terrible it feels to wake up day by day and face the mirror. All these melasma scars are extremely stubborn and cause a great deal of stress. Well, there are various melasma treatments people take help of, but chemical peels are among the probable solutions to eliminate melasma. 


But what is a chemical peel and how can it be used to treat melasma?

A chemical peel method is a technique where a chemical solution peels off the dead skin along with the new skin coming emits a crystal clear shade like an infant. Not only does the new skin glow, but it also reduces wrinkles.

In this process, a chemical solution is applied to the affected area. The compound alternative removes the damaged outer layer of skin. It's extremely effective for people that are looking for ways to remove skin stains like pigmentation brought on by melasma. Phenols, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), an alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) are a few of the chemicals utilized for chemical peeling. The usage of this compound is corrected by the dermatologist in line with the severity of skin pigmentation.

Two different kinds of facial peel

Moderate peel: In the event of medium peel, trichloroacetic acid can be used as a peeling alternative. The concentration of the peel can fluctuate according to the pigmentation status of the epidermis. Repeated treatment could be done at intervals of a few months for desirable results. Anesthesia may be given if needed.

Deep peels: The compound used within this procedure is phenol acid. This solution is quite robust and can be used with care only in extreme skin ailments.

Although there is usually not much risk in this process, there is a possibility that a number of problems may happen. Scars and infections can happen in certain cases. Be sure to follow your physician's advice carefully to minimize such risks.