Network On Oracle Kubernetes

For networks, you can define load balancing for applications diverted for requests running on pods at the Kubernetes cluster worker node. Load Balancing is one of the services offered by K8S.

It provides automatic traffic distribution from one-point entry to several servers in VCN, or the load balancer automatically distributes traffic to a strong backend server list based on the rules of health checks and balancing load guides. If you are looking for a storage company, you can search for a company like that provides the best Kubernetes storage services.

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Controlling in Kubernetes:

In Kubernetes, the controller is a control loop that monitors your cluster state and creates or asks for change if necessary. Each controller trying to bring the cluster status is now closer to the desired state. Cluster okay uses two types of containers, namely Nginx and F5 Big-IP. Both can be used okay.

Benefits of using Oracle Kubernetes (OK) :

  • Applications that are easily built and maintained, and cost-effective.

  • Easily integrate Kubernetes into the registry with OK.

  • Developers can deploy and manage container applications in the cloud.

  • Combine open-source container orchestration that is open with Oracle services such as control, IAM, security, and more.

Storage at OK:

For applications that require permanent storage, you can have file storage services so that the subsystem runs on different computers can share the same file system or block storage.