Printer Hacks You Should be Aware of

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Many people love the printers in their homes and offices. With the help of this device, one can easily print out personal and official documents and notes. Moreover, companies keep introducing new models of printers comprising of features, style, size and more. But one of the most interesting things about printers is their hacks. If you own a printer and don’t have a clue about the hacks, these are a few you should know.

  1. Consider Squeezing the Ink Cartridge – Your printer will warn you as soon as the ink gets low indicating changing or requiring a new cartridge. Instead of freaking out and changing immediately for a newer cartridge, you can squeeze the cartridge allowing you to print more before you actually need a new one.
  2. Consider using the Economy Mode – Your printer may be equipped with economy mode in the settings. Consider changing it to this mode allowing you to save more ink especially if you don’t require detailed printing.
  3. Consider Using a Hairdryer to Squeeze the Cartridge – There are times when the printing quality of documents or notes start to diminish. This happens when the cartridge is dry. To ensure it starts working again, dry the cartridge with the use of a hairdryer which will help you during emergency situations.
  4. Consider Using the Energy Saving Feature – Your printer will be equipped with a feature called energy saving. This is a great feature helps in saving more energy. This feature is usually present inside the manual.

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