Small Introduction Of Commissioner For Oaths Of UK

Certain documents must be signed in the United Kingdom and other common law jurisdictions by a commissioner for oaths. It is important to remember that the commissioner for oaths shouldn't use these powers in any proceeding in which they are acting for any party or in any matter in which they have an interest.

Individuals and businesses sometimes need to have a commissioner of oaths present to witness the signing or swearing of documents. However, it is not always easy to find one. You can browse online for commissioner of oaths solicitor at or different websites to certify your documents.

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The following professional lawyers are eligible to hold the office of the commissioner for oaths:

  • Barristers in practice

  • Solicitors in practice

  • Notary Public

  • Legal Executive (conditional).

  • Conditional Licensed Conveyancer

The official charging structure calls for nominal payments of PS5 to swear an affidavit and PS2 per exhibit which includes VAT. The majority of solicitors, which are the largest group, charge 6-minute units.

This means that an average solicitor would normally charge PS150 + VAT per hr for two 6 minute units. Many refuse to do such work or charge higher fees. You can hire a solicitor according to your convenience. They will help you to sign documents that will be categorized as verified by the legal solicitor/ lawyer.