Benefits Of Garden Rooms

Need more space at home, but don't want the expense, or the hassle of extending? A garden room could be the perfect solution- giving you a home gym, study or entertainment space. Modern garden rooms (also known as Chambres de jardin modernes in the French language) are much more complicated than simply constructing a shed. 

A home office will have completely different requirements to an outdoor entertaining space or gym. Connecting a garden room to mains electricity requires work by a registered electrician. With electricity your garden room can be used as an extension of the indoor living space.

An all year round room requires proper insulation, heating and ventilation. The cost of these can add up, and may also make your project much more complicated than necessary. 

A garden room gives you everything you could have dreamed of. Ask friends over to discuss details. Find the perfect spot in the garden, consider eco-friendly options such as solar panels and a green room. 

Alternatively, if you can, visit other properties with garden rooms to understand how you could make the most of one of your own. At the end of the day, your garden room can be great for a lot of different things. It's up to you to use your creativity.