Electronic Sow Feeders Add Benefits

The electronic pig feeder is one of the best devices for feeding a herd of pigs. With this equipment, pigs can easily eat their daily feed.

Electronic sow feeders designed properly with group pens have been proven for decades to  keep sows calm, that supports productivity and minimize removals caused by injury. Keep sows calm and effective in a bunch of gestation-management programs with three pen and feeder design strategies.

 electronic sow feeders

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No contact during feeding. Correctly made sow feeders shield sows on all sides whenever they consume. Sows waiting out a feeder should not have the ability to touch a sow that is eating. 

Nor should they be in a position to join the feeder while the other creature remains in the feeding procedure. After a sow can consume without disturbance she is not as inclined to safeguard her feed from additional sows or be intimidated and be peeled off from her feed.

Direct sows from the feeder. A perfect pencil design has bodily structures that guide sows from the feeders and keep to prohibit entry between fed and unfed sows for as long as you can.

Sows in group pens using a very long stroll between the feeder entrance and exit seldom follow through with the impulse to safeguard the feeder.

As soon as they move from the feeding channel they generally become diverted. After a brief time, they'll locate their social group and lie.