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Sharing and storing data among multiple networks requires major challenges for maintaining the authenticity of the shared data without undergoing any malicious activity. A patient who is undergoing a serious medical ailment is under prolonged treatment, monitoring, and rehabilitation process.

Such patient has huge medical data record accumulated throughout the treatment process and those records need to be accessed by the various network without getting any changes or damage else the patient has to undergo major problems in the treatment procedure. Trusted blockchain development company help you select and deploy the right blockchain/DLT for your business model.

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At times such patient must transfer to other hospitals or referred in another city, country for further treatment, hence maintaining the previous health information record is a must. Here the process of sending data is cumbersome and time taking if done by post.

Sending data by internet is also not reliable, for security issues. Here Healthureum, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) plays a major role in transferring data anywhere securely through the cloud environment.

Initially, the data transfer depended on a centralized entity which would store patient information and access control policies were defined but the single place for failure could spoil the functioning of the data transfer and things would turn tedious again.

This process also entailed performing the procedure over encrypted data and selecting a trusted individual who will have access to the secure data. This process was very difficult to manage without any bottleneck.