Why face masks are important ?

Currently, research suggests that the cause of the fast spread of coronavirus is respiratory droplets.

According to the researchers, people who do not show any symptoms of coronavirus can even transmit it. Doctors also supported this by suggesting that 40–80% of transmission starts from those people who do not have any symptoms of coronavirus.

Although the science around the effectiveness of face masks is not definitive, these items likely offer some protection from the coronavirus. 

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Surgical face masks could prevent the transmission of the coronavirus from the individuals who are affected. Doctors also encourage the use of face masks in public areas so as to avoid the spread of infection.

It is possible with the widespread use of face masks to slow the spread of the virus. People use a simple cloth face mask to cover their faces when they go out. However, it is not currently supported by doctors for everyday use as these cloth face coverings are not able to control the spread of the virus to a great extent.

The public should use supplies of surgical masks and N95 respirators to fight this current situation. They can be used by doctors and researchers as well as they are able to control the spread of infection to a large extent.

In addition to the use of face masks, people should also try to take other preventive measures, such as regular hand washing and physical distancing. As all of these preventive measures together will help us to fight against this pandemic.