Thumb sucking Tackling the issue

Stopping your child from thumb sucking can be very difficult to do and we would love to say no definitive answer. Most kids will not know they're doing, or will do so while they were sleeping that made it even more difficult. We will offer some ideas on this topic, and it is a case of seeing what works or does not work for you.

The first point made is that you have to solve this from the early age as possible, preferably before weaning off thumb adult incisors come through (the top two front teeth and below). You can also purchase thumb sucking prevention devices online via

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In doing so, you can minimize the effects of the habit may impose on the line up of adult teeth, hopefully reducing the need for orthodontic intervention at a later stage.

The second is to address this with positive messages than negative. By simply telling your child not to do so or to warn them of all the bad things that could happen if they continue to suck their thumbs will usually result in little success.

Appreciate your child to reduce / eliminate the habits that can be positive; give your child a sense of accomplishment and achievement. As you know your child better than anyone else, you will know what will work best reward. You can create a chart with stars or similar given not suck their thumbs.

Introducing the activity in your child's life that requires the use of their hands such as drawing / painting, creating or building things may also slow the habit.