The Difference Between Mechanical And Human Physical Therapy

Lately, there has been a lot of talk in the health world about physiotherapy robots. For this reason, you might be wondering what is the best robotic (mechanical) physical therapy or physical therapy performed by human therapists.

A human therapist is always necessary when embarking on a long-term physiotherapy assistance program, regardless of your medical condition. However, studies of hundreds of stroke victims show that robotic therapy definitely has a place in the future of physiotherapy, a very important place. Find out more about physical therapy by browsing this website.

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Robotic therapy

Robotic physiotherapy is a completely new field. Discoveries and inventions have been made in places like MIT that have had very promising results in stroke victims. The advantage of robotic therapy over human therapy is consistency. It is very difficult for a human therapist to take the time to make real progress in improving a patient's mobility. 

Robots, however, never tire, slow down, or change their pace. For example, the repetitive movements required to properly work the affected body parts of the stroke victim do not affect the machine. In addition, robot therapists generally have biofeedback mechanisms. These mechanisms help to increase improvement in the affected parts of the body.

Human therapy

As advances are made in robotic therapy and robotic therapists will be available at some point to help with many conditions, human therapists are and always will be needed. For most conditions, a human therapist is your only option. However, even if you are using a robotic therapy assistant, you must have a human therapist to diagnose your movement issues and develop a long-term strategy to treat them. Visiting human therapists is also necessary to assess progress and make further plans for human and robotic therapy.