Moonstone As A June Birthstone

June is the home of the Gemini twofold. The Moonstone birthstone makes the intellectual eccentric shine brighter. Gemini finds his/her place. For those born after June, you're not forgotten. Moonstone is more than a June birthstone.

Moonstone is a powerful stone that protects, heals, and empowers all who hold it. It is a mirror of the moon and will help you navigate your inner journey. You can buy such stones for good astrology results from cwordsworth.

It is a birthstone and a talisman. Let's take a closer look at the mysterious Moonstone, June's gem.

Pliny, a Roman natural historian, wrote about Moonstone's changing appearance and linked it with the waning or waxing moon. The gem was thus named "Moon Stone".

Ancient Romans believed that moonstones, which are the birthstone for June today, depicted Diana's image. It was used in jewelry and became increasingly valuable up until the medieval period in Europe.

The stone is considered to have a spirit that grants good fortune in India. Because yellow is a sacred color, it is only allowed to be displayed on yellow fabric. Moonstone is a good choice for meditation because it encourages concentration. It is only allowed to be carried outside by a holy person.

Moonstone is prized all over the world for its enchanting phenomenon of adularescence, or a floating dance light. Sometimes it shows a cat's eyes or an asterisk. It has bluish-white streaks but a pearly glow when exposed to light. Moonstone, the birthstone of June, is moved and the beautiful iridescence appears like moonlight under a thin veil.

Nearly half of the Earth's crust consists of Feldspar. Moonstone is a member of this family. It is made from metamorphic and igneous rocks. You can find it in different colors, including blue, green, champagne, and peach.