Advantages and Disadvantages of Electric Treadmills

There is no doubt that the electric treadmill is the closest walking machine that can be used in place of conventional treadmills. But the fact is that it does not mean that you have a clear advantage over your exercising buddy due to the size of the equipment. Size is certainly one reason that this model is often described as the walking treadmill. Horsepower alone should not be the only determining factor. There are some important factors that you should consider when deciding whether to buy an electric treadmill.

The way you will run is another important parameter. Compared to other treadmills available in the market, the walking electric treadmill will give you the best workout due to its smooth and comfortable running surface. This machine could not accommodate a runner at high speed because it is too small. Most treadmill tracks available for runners are usually 55mm wide. On the positive side, the small footprint of the unit leads to a compact machine size: this makes it ideal for home usage.

A major factor that you should consider when choosing an electric treadmill is whether you prefer a manual treadmill or an electronic one. Manual versions require a heavy investment in time and energy compared to the electronic ones. On the other hand, the motor power requirement of a manual treadmill is lower than that of the 800w units. This means that you will spend less time and energy while getting a decent workout.

One aspect of an electric treadmill that you should not ignore is the incline. Most manual models will offer only a limited number of levels. While there are a lot of exercise enthusiasts who could appreciate this feature, those who are new to exercising will find it boring. You can significantly increase your workout level if you have the right gear.

One safety key that you should look out for is the emergency stop button. This is an important feature, as there are many occurrences of people slipping on the floor when they are working out. Some brands that sell electric treadmills also offer a manual stop function. This is a great safety feature but it's not always available with all models. The better brands will have this feature included as standard.

Despite the electric treadmill's many benefits, there are several disadvantages that you should also think about. One of the biggest disadvantages is that it can be an expensive machine to buy. Although the cost can be lowered down, you'll need a huge budget to go for one. It's also highly recommended that you get yourself a good guide that can help you identify good brands.

One of the other disadvantages is that manual treadmills are slower than electric ones. This disadvantage may not be much of a problem to some, but if you are really serious about losing weight then you will need to get a fast speed. Running or jogging on a manual treadmill at a fast speed is much more effective than walking on a treadmill. The advantage of course is that it helps you burn calories and lose weight at the same time.

I would recommend getting yourself a good electric treadmill or flat-belt manual treadmills. They can give you all the features you need without costing you a fortune. You will be able to choose from many different manufacturers and models of treadmills. There are even some models that are available in newly designed versions which will make them even more appealing. Get yourself a quality treadmill today and start losing those extra pounds today!