Can an MSP Retain Clients Without Long-Term Contracts?

As the former owner of an IT Managed Service Provider (MSP), my business used to highlight the fact that instead of tying clients into a long-term contract, we worked with a rolling one-month contract. If you are interested to get the best it marketing services then you can pop over to this website.

Put simply, we lived and died by our service, and if the client wasn't happy with our work – they could give us 30 days’ notice and walk away.

Making it easy for the client to walk away

If the client did decide to move their business away from us, we also made it very clear that we would help them to do this by making the transition to another IT provider very simple by way of a supported hand-over process and detailed documentation of their existing IT Infrastructure.

I appreciate this approach isn't a good fit for all industries, but in our case, we used the lack of long-term contracts as a reassurance to clients who were considering working with us.

What's more, once they were on-board, we didn't lose clients who started shopping around for cheaper deals.

Offer value to retain your customers

I believe that this is because we have provided value and by providing the value we have built trust with our customers.

What do I mean by adding value? Well, as a managed service provider, you are usually hired first to ensure your customer's IT infrastructure is stable to reduce downtime and troubleshoot.