What Does Your Perfume Reveal About You?

When choosing your signature scent, you want to find one that you feel comfortable and that gives people a good impression of who you are. Different fragrances are suitable for different ages and different events.

You may want to wear a fragrance while having lunch with your girlfriends, a different perfume when going on a date, and perhaps another when hiking. But with so many types of perfume, how do you choose?

oriental perfumes

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Here are some categories of fragrance and the kind of message they can represent:

Oriental – If you want to attract some attention, you should wear an oriental flavor. This is your chance to hit 'em dead. Any scent that falls into this category is sure to have people ask what you wear.

This is not a perfume every day but is intended to be used sparingly and for special occasions. This perfume must be saved for when you want to be attractive.

Too much of it can be overwhelming, however. Try mixing oriental fragrance with a floral perfume. This is called "Floriental" and is a good combination of both soft and seductive.

Citrus – Perfume search yelling young, energetic, and fun. Wear when spending a day shopping and have lunch with friends, or perhaps a date of the day. But do not spray too, like a citrus flavor can be overwhelming.