What Does Paint Correction Entail?

Color correction is the mechanical leveling of a transparent coating or paints to the point where there are no swirls and light streaks in any paint. The vortex mark is a "V" colored patch where light is reflected in the initial trough and out.

When the power polishing and paint correction step is carried out, there are different degrees of aggressiveness used for different levels of the desired finish. For example, everyone doesn't need or need to be the "perfect color," some are just better, aren't perfect.

paint correction

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Not everyone sees their colors with a flashlight. This can be a simple and easy process or a very tedious process where experience and knowledge are very important depending on the expectations of the car owner.

Take the time to think about the proper steps and use the right products to get the results you want promptly. Don't cut corners with "fill" errors and use grease and glass to make it look "like it is done." Only after two washes do you notice that all the grease has gone and your color looks like before.

The clarity package is designed for those looking for good correction (removes swirls and light scratches) and more shine. This includes a heavy join step, a middle polishing step, and a final fine polishing step. This reset is for those who want to spin the paint on their car and get back to square one with about 90% to 95% correction.