Need of Pool Cover Roller

The advantages of pool covers are well-known: keeping water warm, protecting against leaves, insects and dirt, shortening cleaning times, preventing evaporation and reducing chemical losses. Everything is good.

However, if you have a pool cover you will need a pool cover reel, which is also known as a pool cover roller. You may browse the web to get the retractable & automatic swimming pool covers in NZ.

Why should you have a swimming pool cover roller?

Do you know how difficult it is to fold a large sheet of paper? The point is, turning the roof rollers on and off for the pool is straightforward – the whole process takes less than a minute. Without a roller, it hurts a lot.

A sunny pool cover may be relatively light, but it's still large and wet. Thermal blankets are not only big and wet, but also heavy.

If you remove the pool roof manually, there is a high probability that it will be attracted to uneven ground, rocks, etc. and scratch or tear it.

However, the pool cover roller completely eliminates this risk and thus extends the life of the pool roof.

The essence of pool cover, first and foremost, is to not only keep the pool warm and reduce cleaning time, but also cut the pool operating costs by about 50% or more. However, chances are you'll only see cost savings by using pool covers as often as you should. And the easier it is to remove and remove the cover, the more likely you will.