Protein Skimmers: Do You Ever Know What Is It?

The best equipment for all saltwater lovers is an aquarium skimmer. Since this is not your ordinary starter filter, an understanding of protein skimmers is necessary to properly prepare and maintain this mechanical device.

Protein degreasing, or foam fractionation, is the only form of filtration in an aquarium that physically removes organic compounds before breaking down into toxic chemicals. This reduces the biological filter and increases the redox potential of water. You can also buy bubble magus protein skimmer online.

Mechanical filtration removes particles (fish food, feces, mucus, etc.) from the water column before they can dissolve. Protein skimmers remove particles that cannot be removed by mechanical filters.

This will prevent very serious problems with the tank and keep the filter clean. Indispensable for saltwater tanks, especially for wet/dry filter systems. Better water quality benefits to fish and corals and can reduce the frequency of water changes. Protein skimmers offer three advantages to fish.

– Provide clean and good quality water.

– Removal of organic waste products.

– Supports gas exchange regulation.

A protein skimmer is a chamber with a column of bubbles. Aquarium protein skimmers use a circulating water pump to create a circulating water flow in the reaction chamber of the skimmer.

The circulating water stream holds air bubbles in the reaction chamber for a long time, increasing the ability of the air bubbles to attract waste material and remove waste material from the aquarium.