Get Complete Specification For Your Car

If you've ever read a car's specs and felt even more confused afterward, you're not alone. For those who don't know their torque from PS and OTR from MMRP, researching new cars online can be a bit of a challenge. But before you consider going to this Southampton car dealership, it's worth understanding the basics.

Price is probably one of the most important considerations when buying a new car. Online and offline cars are sometimes advertised for two prices, but the thing to look out for is the OTR, or street price. This includes everything to make sure your car is legal to drive, including showroom prices and everything else from registration fees, license plates, shipping charges, road tax (at least 6 months), insurance, VAT, and sometimes even extended warranties and materials. burn.

In general, OTR prices are non-negotiable, but it never hurts to negotiate! Suggested prices from MMRP or retailers and prices on the list are street prices. You can also take advantage of car specification services via many online sources.

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Vehicle specifications are often broken down by technical data, including engine and sizing information, as well as details on equipment, interior, and safety features, all of which vary by "trim line". What is a haircut line? The trim line is a variant of the model and is often defined by the size of the engine and the number of standard functions included. Not to be confused with the station wagon and hatchback versions of the same model. For example, Studio, Edge, and Zetec are a line of Ford Fiesta fairings.

The cheapest haircut lines have fewer standard features and are sometimes called entry-level models. When a feature like air conditioning is said to be 'standard' it means that it is included in the price of the vehicle. When features are "optional" on this haircut line, prices are often given.