Writing Pens Throughout History

If you're in the pen market today, you have no shortage of options. You can choose from fountain pens, rollerball pens, ballpoint pens, quill pens, gel pens, horn pens, and many other types of pens.

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Some of the most well-known pen brands are Parker pens, Waterman pens, cross pens, Mont Blanc pens, Bic pens, and many others, including hand-engraved pens with horns.

Nobody gives credit to this writing tool when thinking about the history of everyday low pen writing. To leave a human cultural imprint on everything that follows it. Think how much easier it would be for a caveman to have him if only he had a pen.

Talking about cavemen: The history of the monastery goes back to 3000 BC. When they were made of bamboo and reeds. The origin of the English word "pen" comes from the Latin word "penna", which means "bird feather".

Early civilizations often use bird feathers in their civilization, including being used as a tool for early writing. The best nibs for pens are from larger birds such as swan or goose.