Simple Strategies to Help You Win Scrabble

Words with Friends and Scrabble allow for nearly two hundred thousand words. With enough creativity, you can also create words that score amazing points. 

What words should you choose and when should they be used? This article will explore the strategic possibilities hidden beneath the seven scrabble tiles in your rack. Scrabble offers many strategic options. You can also visit and make words with these letters generator.

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Many beginners start playing Scrabble by simply trying to make a piece, regardless of how many turns it takes. After playing a few games, players will learn a more complex strategy and look for ways to play parallel for more points. 

You have two options for strategic direction in Scrabble: to make high-scoring scrabble words or to make your tiles the highest points. Combining both of these strategies is the best strategy.

You should be looking for Scrabble bingo words to create the highest-point scrabble words. These six-letter word stems can be used to make seven-letter words by adding one tile. 

The word LADIES is an example. It can be used to make nearly fifty-seven-letter words by adding a letter. Strategically, you could hold back letters combinations like ER and an S tile so that you can make a bingo word with the next round of tiles.

A good strategy is to keep tiles out of play in order to make them more useful in future plays. If you have a Q tile, but no U, you can try to get rid of it by playing the word QI. You might decide to keep the U tile and try again later. You might also keep word suffixes or prefixes, such as RE or ING, back.