Different Types Of Siding

There are many types of wallcovering options that you can consider for your home. You can choose between wood, vinyl, aluminum or steel. Wallcoverings have two main functions in relation to your home. It isolates and protects and makes the house look attractive.

Some types of wallcoverings can save you hundreds of dollars on your heating and cooling bills each year. Since wallcovering is the first thing people see when they see a new, well-installed, and well-maintained coating in your home, it can add value to your home and even help it sell faster. You can also visit Avondale roofing to find the best siding contractors.


Wood cladding

One of the options when choosing wallcoverings for your home is wood. Wood offers a natural beauty that no other wallcoverings can. The wood veneer also gives you the most aesthetic options.


Aluminum cladding is a much more durable option than vinyl or wood siding. It is fire and water resistant, does not rot and is less prone to insect damage, is lightweight and durable, and is more effective in insulation than vinyl and wood. Aluminum liners are relatively low maintenance and should only be washed once a year with a detergent and water mixture and a garden hose.


Steel plating is thicker and more durable than aluminum plating. And like aluminum, it resists both fire and water. This is an excellent choice for people who live where the weather is constantly changing. The steel liner is virtually maintenance free.

A professional coating contractor can install all types of wallcoverings. If you are not sure which wall is right for your family and home, the best wall maker can talk to you and help you decide which one is the best for your situation.