The Enlarged Prostate Gland Treatment

How can you treat a large prostate? An enlarged prostate gland, also called BPH (Benign prostatic hypertrophy/hyperplasia), can be treated in various ways depending on the amount of growth. 

An enlarged prostate can be a common problem that occurs with aging. However, it can also cause problems in daily life. The gland gets larger and puts pressure on the bladder, which can cause urination problems. The condition is usually diagnosed when the patient believes he has an issue with his urology and consults a doctor. 

There are many BPH prostate therapy available for an enlarged prostate. Consult your doctor to help reduce nighttime urination and increase urine flow. This can also be done with prescription medications. Some patients might feel more at ease with herbal supplements than over-the-counter products, as they are not controlled.

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The severity of your symptoms, your age, and how well you feel overall will determine which treatment you choose. It is possible to modify your lifestyle or just wait for it to resolve. You can also use medication or radiation therapy to shrink your glands, and prostatectomy to remove them completely.

To relieve urinary symptoms, herbal treatments may be part of a lifestyle adjustment. Saw palmetto

External beam radiotherapy can be used to reduce the size of a large gland if it is too large. A machine that emits controlled radiation to a target, such as the prostate gland, is called an x-ray machine. There are many forms of radiotherapy, from proton to photon. Another form of radiation treatment is "Seeding", in which radioactive seeds are implanted inside the gland. These are extreme treatments for cases more serious than those that could be susceptible to cancer.