Things To Know About Automatic Tire Chains

Diamond A classic type that has metal links strung across the strings that are arranged in a diamond form. Provides greater traction because of the greater surface area of contact to the ground. You can search online for the snow chains that are ideal for regular heavy snowfalls.

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Cable It has lighter links made of steel spaced out and connected to a chain that covers the circumference of the wheels. The cables that are spaced out allow you to more easily apply brakes, which is an advantage when you’re experiencing less control because of icy conditions.

Most suitable for use casually on snow that is medium in size.

Alternate Not snow chains as such snow socks cover the tires with a thick material to improve traction while providing an even more peaceful ride than chains. Another method is to utilize the thin mesh, which provides an excellent grip. Both are much easier to set up than standard chains that weigh a lot and are light and easy to store and affordable.

Ideal for smaller cars and SUVs that are in areas with frequent snowfall.

Advantages of Tire Chains

Make sure you drive safely and avoid accidents that occur in icy or snowy conditions.

Modern versions are simpler to install and remove.

Improved traction for better control, which stops the car from sliding.

This is true for all types of vehicles, as well as all winter conditions on roads.