Tyres Handling System: It Will Make Your Driving So Much Safer

When you're behind the wheel and need a quick change of tyres, it's always nice to have a backup plan just in case you end up in a traffic jam. Luckily for drivers, that backup plan is about to be put into action with the Tyres Handling System. 

Tyres Handling Systems (THS) are a type of safety system fitted to vehicles that help improve the handling and braking ability of the vehicle in wet and snow conditions. You can buy the Tyres handling system via https://www.tsubaco.com.sg/. They work by automatically applying the brakes when the tyres start to slip, preventing them from skidding and helping to maintain control. 

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There are different types of THS, but all share a common feature: they monitor both the tyre pressure and the temperature of the wheel. When one of these parameters changes, the system activates the brakes accordingly. 

A THS is a good idea for anyone who regularly uses their car in wet or snow conditions, as it can help you avoid accidents and make driving much safer.  

The tyres handling system is a safety feature that helps to keep the vehicle in control while driving. The system uses sensors to detect if the tire is under or overinflated, and then sends a signal to the driver's electronic control unit (ECU) to correct the tire pressure. If a sudden change in pressure is detected, the system alerts the driver to check the tires for damage. 

The Tyres Handling System is a system that uses sensors to monitor the pressure and temperature of the tyres. If there is a change in these parameters, the system will activate an alarm to warn the driver.