Various Equipment Used by a Disc Jockey In Melbourne

Music is the most important part of every party, event, or wedding. When music plays in the background – guests, hosts, and everyone starts enjoying the music and comes into a good mood. The choice or type of music you play for each event is very important and you should pay attention to the event, the guests, and maybe even the theme of the evening.

A disc jockey is a person who plays and selects recorded music for a live audience. Disc jockeys can be of many types. It can be a radio disc jockey that selects and broadcasts music on FM, AM, digital, shortwave, or some internet music channels. Then it can be club disc jockeys playing recorded music in bars, discos, and nightclubs.

They also have a dedicated hip-hop DJ who uses turntables to play such music. You can hire a skilled wedding dj in Melbourne that uses different types of equipment to improve the quality of music and make it deeper for the audience to have fun.

Some of the basic equipment needed for each type of disc jockey is included:

  • Sound recorded on media the DJ prefers, such as LPs, CDs, MP3 files, or CD-ROMs.

  • Digital audio or sound must be mixed with MIDI recordings, where DJs need multiple sequencers.

  • A set of two audio playback devices, or if playback is digital, only one device is required. This device must go back and forth between songs to allow continuous music playback.

  • Specialized devices known as hardware controllers for DJs are great at manipulating digital music files on the computer.

  • Sequencer, sampler, drum machine, and electronic keyboard.