What Authors Need to Know About Self Publishing

Better and faster internet connectivity on digital reading devices has increased digital readership. As a result, authors are exploring the digital market and even many publishing houses have started digital magazine publishing to reach out to digital readers

They are making a shift from the traditional route of publishing which consisted of a writer, sending a manuscript to well-established book publishers, and then waiting for months in the hope that the company would like the book and offer a publishing contract. Nowadays, authors have become more independent and simply looking for various methods of online book publishing.

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While self-publishing online, authors can retain complete creative control over the entire publishing process. This means that an author gets to play an integral role in the editing, designing, and printing process of the book. It is up to the author if he would like to hire a professional editor, proofreader, and designer for these three stages. 

Nowadays, there are various self-publishing online platforms that help independent authors in publishing their content in digital formats. Authors just need to pay a one-time fee in order to get their book converted into an ebook. Later on, every single dollar generated from the ebook sales goes to the author. Authors can always invest this amount for advertising purposes.