What Does Commissary Kitchen Mean

While this term is commonly used by many in the food delivery arena, you may come across it for the first time when searching for the most exciting options for launching your new pizza brand. According to the dictionary, the word "commissary" means "a warehouse for tools and equipment". Let's add some context to this definition. Although not a shop, the commissary kitchen is a place to store tools and equipment for anyone who wants to produce food.

To understand what a catering kitchen means to your business and how you can start a catering kitchen, take a look at the different types of catering kitchens available to you.


Commissary kitchens are cheaper for each tenant. If you're a food entrepreneur customizing your recipe for a vegan energy bar, you can share the kitchen with a food truck supplier, restaurant, or another sole trader. In a shared kitchen scenario, you may need to be more flexible.  You can get more information about shared commissary kitchen via https://prepatx.com/kitchens.


There are so many benefits of having a commissary kitchen all to yourself. The kitchen will only be stocked with the provisions and equipment that you need. You won’t have to worry about juggling time slots with others. For chefs who are making food with long cooking processes, it would be helpful to have constant access to their kitchen. Popular brands may also need full access to the kitchen during regular business hours.

While the benefits are huge, the cost can be, too. Given that you have to uphold the lease on your own, there is more financial responsibility in renting solo.