What Should You Watch For Dementia Symptoms In Your Elderly Parents?

Any family caregiver will attest to the difficulty of keeping a loved one with dementia well-fed and satisfied. Long-term memory care facilities ensure that senior residents eat well and receive the assistance they may need during mealtimes.

Losing track of time

If your elderly parent continues to forget the day, month, year, holidays, or other important dates, this is a red flag. Write down what they forget and how often the lapses occur.

Poor judgment and decision-making

Have you noticed any behaviors or situations that seem out of the ordinary? For example, has your mom been spending more money than normal? Has your dad stopped wearing his seatbelt? If you begin to notice dangerous behavior or unsafe habits, write it down and talk to your parent’s doctor.

Problems remembering commitments

Reoccurring memory loss is an early sign of dementia. Everyone forgets something occasionally, but if it happens regularly, be sure to document when and how often.

For example, take note if your parents regularly forget:

  • Dentist or doctor’s appointments

  • Dinner plans with friends and family

  • Maintenance appointments for the car

Losing interest in favorite activities

Has your loved one stopped pursuing or lost interest in their favorite hobbies? Did your mom read or garden daily but no longer make an effort? Pay attention to unusual behaviors especially if it doesn’t seem related to a physical health problem.