What to Look for When Choosing a Solar Power Company In Sri Lanka

When it comes to switching to solar energy, a homeowner or business needs to make sure they hire the correct provider to complete the job. While some businesses focus on commercial installations, others are more concerned with residential solar energy. Some businesses may provide both.

As solar energy has grown in popularity, several companies are now offering a variety of services. It can be quite difficult to choose a solar company for the first time. To make an informed decision, there are many questions you need to ask while choosing the best solar power firm in Sri Lanka.

Local company developing 180 MW solar power plant project in Bulgaria

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What are the Qualities to Look for in a Good Solar Company?

A good solar power company will not focus its sales efforts on just one or two products. Instead, they will examine the building's requirements and consult with the owner.

Companies who immediately recommend a specific solar power system should be avoided. This could be a strategy for a firm to market the most expensive product regardless of the needs of the building.

If a firm is serious about finding the greatest fit, they will walk the building owner through the process and explain what has to be done to fulfill their energy needs.

The firm will hunt for a system that fits the owner's energy requirements while remaining cost-effective. A great solar company will recognise the value of long-term customer retention. They'll keep upgrading and replacing their solar panels as needed.

Is it possible to customize a solar system?

Many products are available that can be used "as-is" or "off-the-shelf." Solar systems are not one such product. Although companies might offer a basic product, good ones should advertise that they will custom fit their systems to specific energy requirements. 

While the term "custom-fitted" may seem expensive, it can end up being much more costly to buy a system that does not meet your specific requirements. This is especially true when the goal is to completely convert the existing energy system to solar power.