Health Benefits of Massage Therapy: Pain Management, Relaxation, and More!

Chronic pain can be debilitating, especially if no cause is identified to target with medical treatment. However, recent research has shown that massage therapy may provide short-term relief for chronic lower back pain, helping pave the way for long-term health.   

In 2011 Annals of Internal Medicine journal, the subjects were found to have less pain in the short term when treated with a variety of massage therapy than control subjects who only receive medical treatment such as painkillers and physical therapy. You can navigate this link for acquiring more knowledge about pain management services.

As you can see, study, and many more like it, found a strong association between therapeutic massage and pain reduction, as well as other health benefits. It's also important to not discount the health benefits of relaxation, either.

Research is increasingly showing the dangers of stress for high blood pressure and heart problems, stroke, and other health problems. Because of Swedish massage and other types of massage are almost universally promote relaxation, in addition to their other benefits against pain, general stress reduction can contribute to the overall well-being.

If you've been a regular recipient of massage therapy, or you have considered using a massage therapist for alternative medicine, it is a great choice for many health benefits. Because the second year-to-date understanding of anecdotes and studies show that massage can reduce stress, increase relaxation, and treat pain. And, compared with medication, surgery, and other types of traditional medical care, massage therapy is a non-invasive choice with fewer side effects, making it a great choice for promoting the health of the whole body.