Support Is An Important Part Of Your Diabetes Care

Diagnosing type 2 diabetes is a scary thought, but it's not as scary as feeling like you have to face your illness. If you are trying to control the emotional and physical stress from type 2 diabetes, you are likely to fail.

Therefore, you must form your own "Diabetes Care Team" to guide you through the initial shock and put you on the right track to control.

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Who is on your diabetes care team?

1. Your doctor – They will be by your side to provide you with ongoing guidance: what to expect, what to do, and what to avoid

how it relates to this form of diabetes. Your doctor's instructions are invaluable and must be followed at all times.

2. Your nutritionist – The diabetes nutritionist is responsible for not only helping you know what to eat and what not to eat but also why. Knowing the "good" and "bad" aspects of the food you want to eat gives you the power to make your own health choices.

3. Family – Your family is very important in your life; Your family must be there to support and comfort you. When your family understands type 2 diabetes and knows how to help and encourage them, as you work to lower and control blood sugar levels, you can better face the challenges ahead.