Multi-Panel Vs. Single-Panel Drug Test Kits for Employee Drug Testing

Businesses are liable for their representatives' well-being in the working environment. One method of making the working environment safe is to make it liberated from drug manhandling representatives. Now as you know it is easy to use and FDA approved drug testing kits at affordable prices. And to learn more about the 10-panel drug test visit


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Bosses can utilize various strategies to test workers for drug misuse – pre-business drug screening planned and irregular medication testing. Medication test packs intended for working environment drug testing help managers keep a mind on drug maltreatment by representatives. 

Both single and multi-board test units are for the most part utilized in the work environment. 

Single-board drug test packs: 

Single-board test units/strips can distinguish a solitary medication utilizing a test like pee or salivation. 

These are not difficult to utilize, efficient, and give fast outcomes. 

Multi-board drug test packs: 

These packs serve to test for at least two medications all at once the view of the number of medications they recognize, they are named as 3-board, 5-board, and 12-board drug test packs. 

Medications, for example, barbiturates, cocaine, euphoria, pot, sedative, oxycodone, and can be distinguished utilizing a solitary example with these packs. 

Conclusion– Thus, using multi-panel drug test kits are advantageous over single-panel ones. They help the employers save time and cost of administration of the test.