Opt For Ad Hoc Reporting Tools Online

Does your company use reporting after the fact to show areas of strength and weaknesses? While ad hoc reporting and dot net reporting tools are well suited for generating detailed performance reports, they also shine in helping you and your team to spot trends and make forecasts. If you're not currently using dot net tools proactively, it's time to start. In fact, you can read more about ad hoc reporting as well.

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Your company's software has several built-in reports that you use on a regular basis to review monthly sales figures, inventory on hand and other key performance indicators. With these built-in reports, you probably enter a few parameters such as date range or region and then generate the report just as you do each month.

Ad hoc reporting is a type of reporting that takes place as needed. It's usually highly specialized and not generally a report that you'll use again and again. In fact, you may use an ad hoc report just once.

In order to run an ad hoc report, your business intelligence software must have ad hoc reporting features or dot net tools built into it. You could also use third party ad hoc reporting software or an online reporting tool.