Test Driving a Second-Hand Car in Abu Dhabi

When buying a second-hand car, it is very important to check every aspect of the vehicle. After all, you use the car for the next few years, don't feel cheated or spend half the time visiting the service. 

When checking ride quality, the steering, transmission, brakes, and tires should be checked. The steering wheel must not vibrate at any speed, high or low. Car inspection centres in Abu Dhabi provide the details about second-hand cars for particular models.

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Another thing to consider when inspecting a vehicle is the transmission. Manual transmission cars have a clutch, brake, and gas pedals. Make sure the clutch disc is in good condition and easy to shift. 

Drive the car up to check if the clutch slips. While driving, you should check how well the gear shifts from high to low speed. don't buy the car if you feel that the gears are grinding or the gears are reversed. For cars with automatic transmissions, make sure the car is running properly and the transmission shifts well in every gear.

The next step in a vehicle inspection is to check the brakes. When stepped on, the brake pedal must not penetrate directly into the vehicle floor. If the brakes are a bit tight, that's a good sign. 

When inspecting the vehicle, make sure all four tires are in good condition. Also, check the sidewalls and tread of all tires, including the spare tire.