When Do You Need A Tube Thoracostomy?

When there is an excessive collection of the pleural fluid or buildup of air, blood, or pus in your pleural cavity, you will have difficulty in breathing. In such conditions, a tube thoracostomy eases your breathing.

In some situations, such as severe traumatic injuries to the chest, a tube thoracostomy becomes an emergency and a life-saving procedure. To know more about the thoracic tube drainage procedure, you must navigate to centese.com/thoracic-surgery/.

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A tube thoracostomy, also known as open chest drainage, is a surgical procedure to drain the collection of pleural fluid, air, blood, or pus from your pleural cavity through a tube inserted in your chest. The pleural cavity is the space lying between the pleura that is the two thin layers that surround the lungs. This space contains a small amount of liquid known as the pleural fluid, which acts as a lubricant for the expansion and contraction of the lungs during respiration. 

Your doctor will physically examine you and ask for your signs and symptoms. They will order an X-ray and a computed tomography (CT scan) of your chest to decide the best approach for performing a tube thoracostomy.

You and your family will be explained about the procedure and its complications, and your written consent will be taken for the same.